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Why Skeddle is now Coinhop

"Huh? …Skittle? You mean like the candy?" she asked, clearly confused. "Close!" I said, "It's… Skeddle," placing as much emphasis on the "edd" as I could. Crickets. "It’s a play on the word 'Schedule'," I finally explained in ut...

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Top 10 blogs for piano teachers in 2017

As a piano teacher, reserving time for personal growth can be a daunting task. Between lesson-prep, teaching, and general studio administration, little time remains for self-development. But in order to keep improving as a teacher,...

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How music teachers save hours each month with Coinhop

"Seriously? You forgot the check for your son’s music lesson again? That’s three weeks in a row. How am I supposed to pay my own bills on time if you can’t remember to bring me a check each month?” Ok, that might be what you’d say...

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